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Dec 19, 2011 5:00pm PST
. then on the southern side of this areas like texas, then into the lower mississippi valley, we're talking about heavier rains. that is now on the move. looks like rain will be spreading in towards the midwest as well as right along the mississippi valley. for tonight you do want to watch out for wintry conditions here. for areas of colorado in towards kansas and oklahoma. monday's highs will be -- tuesday, rather, highs will be looking like this. it is getting to be looking cold for oklahoma city. highs at just two degrees. 4 also in chicago. also single digits, 9 in d.c. and 7 degrees in new york. lastly, a look at europe. we'll be talking about largely unsettled weather all around. for the southeast corner here we'll be talking about showers and thunderstorms. then as this frontal system pulls on in, wintry weather both rain and snow will be spreading across the british isles as well as western and central sections of europe. for the alpine region, those mountain areas, you want to watch out for the potential for heavy snowfall. highs for tuesday will be looking at zero in mos
Dec 2, 2011 7:00pm PST
in panhandles of oklahoma as well as texas. further out towards the east, things looking more settled. temperatures not too bad. d.c., 14 for pup 18 in atlanta. just in double figures in new york at 11. 5 in toronto and a warm day in winnipeg at. 2 in denver and low 20s in houston as well as mexico city. okay. now to europe. storm after storm keeps coming through the british isles. and during your day on friday, you can see there is a very well-developed system just about to move into the british isles and you can just tell how strong that wind is going to be. so gaels continuing since last week, really, right across the north. as for the precipitation in the baltic states, rain changing over to snow by the time it hits western russia, and down to the southeast, not too bad here actually. a little warmer than it has been in the past weeks. athens up to 18 degrees on your saturday. 17 for rome, and 12 in paris. 12 in london as well. and vienna, meanwhile, looking a lot cooler. 69 in berlin and 5 for the high in stockholm. here is your extended forecast. >> that's our broadcast for this
Dec 15, 2011 7:00pm PST
.s. some showers are lingering, but oklahoma and texas should get drier on friday. across the west another round of coastal rain and mountain snow is moving into british columbia. temperature-wise we expect 6 degrees in vancouver and 8 in seattle dipping into the single digits and in toronto and warmer than average in new york and washington, d.c. let's go over to europe. a powerful low pressure system is moving through western europe bringing hefty showers. as the system moves eastward, precipitation spreading across most yourian countries in the next 24 hours. thunderstorms and hail are possible, and winds are a major concern as well. we have lots of warnings against the winds in effect across these original areas. gusts could top 100 kilometers per hour in many areas, and winds are creating very high waves aacross the coast of france as well as the iberian peninsula. even the western mediterranean is starting to see the conditions today, so if you're near a coast, watch out for flooding as well as the dangerous surf throughout friday. we expect 19 in lisbon, and still warmer than averag
Dec 19, 2011 7:00pm PST
. while in the south here across texas and towards oklahoma, showers and even some severe weather impacting the region. tonight it is on the move, however. looks like rain will spread into the mississippi valley as well as the midwest. chances of freezing rain. temperatures are starting to look pretty low in the area. for the pacific northwest it's british columbia that will be dealing with cold rain, freezing rain even as well as upper elevation snow. highs on tuesday looking at 3 in winnipeg and same in denver. 2 only in oklahoma city. that's going to be a big drop compared to monday. then east coast, 7 in new york. 9 in d.c. and reaching 17 degrees in atlanta. lastly, a look at europe. it is going to be a largely unsettled picture across the region. we do have scattered showers and thunderstorms for areas in the southern italy as well as the balkan peninsula while this long frontal system is looking to set into continental europe. it is bringing a round of showers and snow for upper elevations. the alpine area in particular will want to watch out for the possibility of heavy sn
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4